Invisibly Present Sound
invisibly present sound
VibeRange offers an all in one audio solution that will never meet the eye. We provide goods & services which enable you to enjoy immersive, clean sound embedded in any type of surface, suitable for every occasion.
Think Surfaces
Thanks to exciter audio technology sound waves travel through surfaces. Have 'flat speakers' attached to drywall, osb, hard wood or even glass and experience vibrant sounds through vibrant surfaces. Reach out to us for a look & feel.
think surfaces
Multi Market Solutions
multi market solutions
VibeRange is your go-to partner for all private and professional projects where invisibly present sound is desired. Be it a company reception or garden party: we
team up with certified partners who can make it happen.
Multi Room Solutions
multi room solutions
Play music throughout every room. Listen to the same song leaving the bedroom, passing the kitchen and entering the living room. Adjust the volume per room to your desire. Or have it the other way around: Each person can take control of a room. We all have different taste in music ;-) 
Compact & Firm
compact & firm
Whether you've got a small apartment or a fully-fledged house on the seaside, compact products always win. Combined with firm materials we offer durable and smart audio solutions that enhance your listening experience.  Place furniture, art and heating without compromises. Your sound is nicely tucked away.