Company & Office
company & office
VibeRange delivers hassle-free audio systems to the corporate world that enable higher meeting efficiency, leaving no attendee behind when it comes to sound.
Pop-Up & Launch
Whether you plan to open a temporary business or host a product launch event, we can deliver an invisible sound system with a very low cost of ownership. Share your plans with us! 
pop-up & launch
Exhibitions & Booths
exhibitions & booths
As a customer, we too like to experience your exhibition without any distractions. Your product is the focal point of your booth while we support your setup with invisibly present sound.
When it comes to the retailing business, VibeRange understands that your products deserve all attention. We add subtle but high quality sound to your shop, all under the radar. Consult us for the most creative application of our products. 
Hotel, Restaurant & Bar
hotel, restaurant & bar
When owning a hotel, restaurant or bar, your guests want to experience the full package: food, drinks and your carefully designed interior. We add value to that package by providing sound embedded in walls, tables or in hotel reception counters. Another reason to choose VibeRange. 
Real Estate
real estate
Entering a lobby and not knowing where the sound is coming from, can be a surprise for those who really listen. Even in grand halls or large rooms you can change the atmosphere in a heartbeat, as you are able to apply appropriate music to the entire audio network.